Gitarrist und Komponist

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"Music is the most direct art, it enters through the ear and goes to the heart...

It is the universal language of humanity.

Astor Piazzolla

The music of the great Master Astor Piazzolla has been catalogued, even by himself, as "Tango Nuevo" in an effort to differentiate it from the traditional tango.


The concertante Tango, is a music of intense emotionality, that requires of the interpreters a special communication and not less concentration, so that the listener can enjoy an experience of spiritual enjoyment. Perhaps that is why this magic has developed and expanded throughout the world with such force.

It is a popular music but not an easy music, to pass the time. It is a music that needs the interaction between the listener and the interpreter as if it were a secret agreement, and Piazzolla clearly understood this and that is why his music was destined for concert halls.


Astor Piazzolla was a connoisseur of all the secrets of the authentic "tango language".

His vast experience, during his youth, as a performer and/or arranger of the greatest tango orchestras connected him with all the amalgam of resources that his predecessors had created; he was also a tireless worker, a great melodist and an eminent bandoneon player. All this, added to his formal knowledge of scholastic composition, resulted in his monumental Work.


I don't think Astor Piazzolla's music should be labeled "Tango Nuevo" today, he has already transcended that need to differentiate himself to achieve a place in the vast world of music.


His music is part of our world and invites us to participate in the unique experience of that creation and enjoy it as life passes through us.


Luis Borda

LUIS BORDA ENSEMBLE / Listen Piazzolla

A new dimension in the music of the great master of contemporary tango